The Future of Cutlery Dispensers: Innovative Designs and Features

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Cutlery dispensers have been making their marks in many food businesses. For staff, customers, and owners, cutlery dispensers improved their dining experience. Not only did they help customers get their utensils fast, but they have also created more time for staff to prepare food. As a result, the dine-in experience becomes better for everyone. With the continuous innovation of cutlery dispensers, the products are undergoing many changes to cement their presence in the industry. 


According to Future Market Insights, the disposable cutlery market is expected to generate US$1.6 billion in 2023. By 2033, it will cross to US$2.6 billion. The factors that assisted this growth are increased adoption of eco-friendly materials, focus on hygiene, and increased online food orders.


Customers are now more concerned about the environment and how it affects their dining experience. If the restaurant lacks the means to be more environmentally friendly, it can be a deciding factor for them. Here is how cutlery dispensers are trying to innovate the dining experience today. 


Dispensing One-At-A-Time

Present-day cutlery dispensers have mechanisms that dispense one utensil at a time. After you get the cutlery, you do not need to wait for more. With one-time dispensing, it reduces cutlery usage among customers. All utensils come in a sealed bag where staff refills the dispenser once the utensils run out. 


In contrast, displaying the cutleries on an open cutlery tray increases usage and demand among customers. This can be challenging for food businesses such as buffets. The cleanliness of the utensils are questionable if you get the utensils through the cutlery tray.


Having cutleries available in an open area removes its one-at-a-time approach. It exposes the cutleries to various elements and germs that can end up on the surface. 


On the other hand, dispensing cutleries one at a time ensures protection against germs. It promotes cleanliness, and customers can enjoy their meals without worrying about their health.


Better Hygienic Practices

The post-pandemic world changed how people view hygiene on the dining table. According to UNICEF, the best way to practice hygiene is by washing hands first before touching them. This applies to any surface, including utensils.


Fortunately, the utensils come inside an encased bag that ensures the utensil you get is clean. The only thing you will touch is the single cutlery in each dispenser. 


Having a cutlery dispenser ensures cleanliness in the distribution process for all customers by reducing surface contact. It leads to more hygienic distribution of cutleries to customers. As a result, customers will receive cleaner utensils on their own. In short, you do not need to ask staff to provide a clean utensil for you. It lessens contact, and you will be safe from various germs. 


Fewer Waste, More Sustainability

A utensil dispenser’s materials can now include natural materials such as wood. After use, it can go to the biodegradable bins for better environmental sustainability. Without plastic usage, it reduces the carbon footprint in plastics to be kinder to the environment. It is why manufacturers have FSC certifications and sustainable standards to be more conscious of the process. 


Once customers see that the company complies with these standards and walks their talk, it can result in a positive reception of the brand. For example, young consumers today trust brands that have certifications. Cutlery dispenser companies show their certifications on their websites or products. This creates more trust between the customer and the brand. At the same time, everyone in the restaurant creates more sustainable practices for the future.


Bigger And Better Technology With Dispenser Solution

The future of cutlery dispensers will be a more environmentally friendly approach in the long run. Many products today must consider costs, hygiene practices, and sustainability to maintain momentum. Ultimately, it is a step towards a greener future.


Dispenser Solution is a leader in cutlery dispenser technology. Every product Dispenser Solution releases complies with sustainable standards to provide better hygienic cutleries for everyone. Furthermore, the company is FSC-certified and follows the best environmental practices. Contact us today!

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