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Dispenser Solution: Spoon, Fork, & Knife Dispensers

At Dispenser Solution, we provide high-quality products for food businesses of any size. These include canteens, cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Our products comply with international food safety standards. In addition, the cutlery that we have produced here has gone through FDA guidelines, and our materials are FSC-certified.

If this is your first time getting cutleries for your food business, you should invest in a cutlery dispenser!


Types Of Cultery Dispensers

A cutlery dispenser streamlines the distribution of utensils in any food establishment. This includes spoons, forks, and knives. It lessens the spread of germs, and everyone gets a clean utensil. No batteries are required, making it easy to maintain. Furthermore, each dispenser uses easy-to-use mechanics.

The three types of cutlery dispensers include the following:

Polypropylene Dispenser
Polypropylene is a strong and BPA-free plastic. Its high melting point makes it resistant to cracks and heat. Because of its strength, many food businesses use this for takeouts and containers. After use, it is possible to wash and clean to reuse them once more.

CPLA Dispenser
CPLA is an acronym for Crystallized Polylactic Acid. It is similar to polylactic acid but with a higher melting point of up to 185°F or 85°C. Due to this, you can use this for hot meals or hot drinks like coffee. This is an alternative to Polypropylene, as it is also used in takeouts. One main difference is that CPLA is compostable.

Wooden Dispenser
As the name suggests, Wooden dispensers have utensils made from natural wood. It is compostable and is a renewable resource. However, it is not ideal for recycling due to its material. Wooden utensils have no wax, chemicals, or coating, making them safe for disposal. This variant is ideal for food businesses that want to reduce their environmental impact.


Recycling Codes You Should Know

If your food business needs to comply with recycling regulations, each product used follows a specific code. There are 1 to 7 codes, each with arrows moving clockwise in a triangle formation. All recyclable products comply with these regulations to reduce impact.

For example, Polypropylene is set at 5. Meanwhile, CPLA is set at 7. As long as these products are within the range, you can recycle them until it breaks down. Materials like wood are categorized at 50 with a “FOR” subtitle, making it ideal for composting.


Perks Of Owning A Cutlery Dispenser

When you invest in a cutlery dispenser, managing utensils becomes a breeze. It makes the food preparation process easier and can lessen food prep time.

The benefits include:

  • Cost-effective – You get a bag of utensils for each dispenser. It saves you from added expenses, and you only need to buy again once a bag runs out.
  • Time-saving – It cuts waiting time by having cutleries available through the dispenser. Once you get your utensils, you can eat your meal.
  • Germ-free – Each utensil you get is clean and tidy. As a result, every customer will enjoy a clean meal free from germs and bacteria.


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Dispenser Solution is the leading cutlery company for food businesses. We follow strict food safety standards to produce the best-ever cutlery dispensers. These allow you to enjoy a safer, more convenient, and amazing dining experience. Contact us now!

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