How Do You Dispose Of Used Cutlery?


At the end of every meal, we clean the table and set aside the cutlery we used. All restaurants, businesses, and homes follow this practice to prevent the spread of germs. In addition, food businesses are now conscious of their environmental impact. This could be due to the prevalence of plastic usage in their takeout meals. It is why cutlery disposal is important to lessen the carbon footprint. 


Disposing of used cutlery is easy and only requires a few steps. While it seems like a small thing, practicing it has a big impact on the environment. You can follow these steps either as a customer or as a business owner. Fortunately, some disposable cutlery is recyclable, depending on the material used. 


If you have disposal cutlery, follow these essential steps and tips to be a responsible user.


How To Dispose Of Used Cutlery

If you are holding used cutlery, there are various ways to use it. You get new cutlery via a sanitary cutlery dispenser, which gets thrown at the proper disposal areas later. Depending on the quality of the material, you can still use the cutlery until it breaks down.


Disposing Of Used Cutlery 

Follow these three steps when disposing of used cutlery:

  1. Find the designated disposal area – Each restaurant or food business has a designated disposal area. This is to prevent waste from spreading around. You can find the bins in the dish segregation area or in the kitchen’s entrance. If there is no disposal area, clean up your mess instead. It will make cleaning easier for the staff who maintains the place.
  2. Check the label – There are labels to follow when disposing of used cutlery. If you used spoons, dispose of them at the proper disposal label. The same applies to other cutleries used. Avoid mixing up the cutleries as much as possible.
  3. Segregate and dispose of the used cutlery – If the cutlery’s material does not match inside one bag, segregate them into the appropriate bag. For example, wooden cutleries should be in biodegradable bags since it comprises real wood.


Tips To Follow During Disposal

If you are unfamiliar with the disposal process, you can ask for help from those who know. It will give you an idea of how to behave properly the next time you visit a restaurant. 


Consider these tips when disposing of used cutlery:

  • Check the quality of your cutlery – The quality of a cutlery’s material varies. You can recycle some cutleries, such as CPLA or polypropylene, but you cannot recycle natural wood cutleries. If any cutlery is unusable beyond its quality, it is best to throw it away.


  • Wrap blades or knives with paper – Knives can still cut even after use, no matter the material. If you throw away used knives, wrap them in paper or tissue to prevent cuts. Do this with any type of knife you see so anyone will feel safe during disposal.


  • Recycle or donate, if possible – This tip will depend on your resources. If you have unused cutlery, you can recycle it or donate it to food drives that need them more. It is best to recycle polypropylene cutleries due to their high melting point and strength. Recycling will lessen impact and waste so that you manage your resources sustainably. 


Get The Best Cutlery Tips At Dispenser Solution

Disposing of used cutlery is the responsibility of both food businesses and their customers. With the many products used every day, it is no surprise that they have an impact on the environment. Customers and owners should throw the used cutlery in designated areas and segregate them by type. If there are unused cutlery pieces, it is possible to recycle them. In the end, it is the thought that counts when managing cutlery. 


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