Food Preparation: A Guide For Food Businesses

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Food preparation is the most important aspect of your venture in running a food business. With every step, you ensure meals are safe for consumption. It protects you and the customer from any potential germs or pathogens.


So, how does food preparation work? Food preparation is the process of handling food from raw ingredients to cooked meals, including distribution. The process ensures the food is in an ideal condition. Food preparation starts as early as cleaning up, then cooking, up to distribution. It is why many food businesses have high food safety standards regarding food preparation. 


Let this guide help your food business ensure safe food preparation for every meal!


Food Preparation: An Overview 

Food preparation is handling food before, during, and after cooking. All staff in the kitchen do this daily to ensure that no bacteria gets stuck in the food. During preparation, the staff uses kitchen equipment to prepare the food. After preparation, they provide cutleries to customers. 


They can use a sanitary cutlery dispenser if they do not have time to distribute metal cutlery. Through this process, they ensure cleanliness throughout the food preparation process.  


Steps In Food Preparation

Every food service follows strict steps in food preparation. It complies with international food safety standards to provide high-quality meals. So when you receive the food you ordered, it is safe to eat.


Here are the steps in preparing food:


1. Cleaning

Staff should clean their hands before, during, and after handling food and equipment. It protects them from germs and bacteria spreading around. Raw ingredients like meat and fish also require cleaning, as certain parts carry pathogens. 


2. Cooking

Cooking kills the bacteria in raw food. The cooking temperature varies between each ingredient and meal to avoid burning. Depending on the meal, the cooking time can be long or short.


3. Chilling

After cooking, cooked meals are either served or stored at chilling temperatures. Certain meals have a shelf life when chilled. It is important to consume them before it gets expired. 


4. Avoiding cross-contamination

Whether you have cooked meals or raw ingredients, separate them to stop the spread of bacteria. It also applies to the equipment used in the kitchen. After the cooking process is done, clean up the cooking area and equipment to ensure a clean environment.


Things To Remember When Preparing Food

As you prepare the food, there may be leftovers from the preparation. These leftovers should be disposed of. Sometimes, germs can spread when left unattended.


Here are some things to remember when preparing:


Keep surfaces clean

Foods are easily contaminated. Whether raw or cooked, the surface can bring pathogens to every food. Therefore, clean every surface where meals may come in contact. 


Use clean water

Almost every meal uses water. Clean water ensures that the meal is thoroughly rinsed and cooked after preparation. If you have doubts about the water, boil it first to kill bacteria. 


Protect food from animals or insects

Animals and insects carry germs. For the best protection, store food in sealed containers. It ensures that the food stays fresh before and after preparation. 


Plan Your Food Preparation With Dispenser Solution

Food preparation ensures that any food or ingredient follows a safe process after cooking. With four steps in food preparation, these are important protocols to maintain high-quality meals. Staff should always clean before, during, and after the process. That way, the germs will stop spreading. In short, food preparation is a strict process to ensure a safe means of consuming food anytime.  

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