Fine Dining Etiquette Tips: 5 Dos And Don’ts

Fine Dining Etiquette

In this article, we will be discussing guidelines regarding fine dining etiquette and how to act accordingly depending on the food establishment you are in.

As an adult, you may learn that eating in fine dining is one of the joys of adulthood. Fine dining restaurants operate off countless systems and procedures that give guests an easy and comfortable experience. 

Whether eating in fine dining or casually eating, understanding the basics of dining etiquette will ensure you create a positive and pleasant experience for yourself and others.


Fine Dining Dos

Dress Appropriately

Firstly, you should dress appropriately for fine dining. Dressing up is for more than just your date. It’s also for yourself. An elegant suit, a smart blazer, a pristine blouse, and polished shoes will suit the occasion. This is a special occasion – you should dress like it. 


Fold The Napkin

Another thing to do is to fold the napkin; you should fold it in half with the crease facing you. If your face or lap gets stained with something, you should dab them with the napkin and then close them. The stains must be on the napkin’s inside when you close them. That way, the mess will not be visible to your guests. 



Communicate with your server as well as your date. Your server can make or break your date, so you must be nice to them. If you have any allergies, intolerances, or dislikes, you must tell them immediately; don’t be shy about what you need, as long as they are within reason. 


Order Properly

Don’t forget to order properly! This means you have to understand the menus. Plenty of fine dining restaurants have a set menu that has been curated and prepared. If you are not ordering a set menu, you should discuss it with the people you are with. 

When ordering with your server, make eye contact, speak clearly but not loudly, and be polite. You can get your server’s attention quietly by making eye contact or raising your index finger. 

Prepare For Payment

It is a courtesy that the host of a meal in a fine dining restaurant pays for it. Hosts should prepare their payment before they sit down or call the restaurant. Before sitting down, you should have your credit card or cash ready.


Fine Dining Don’ts

Don’t Say Bon Appetit

In theory, it’s fun, but in reality, it is improper, neither in fine dining nor France. When people say bon appetit, it sounds like an invitation for good digestion.  


Don’t Put Your Keys, Wallet, Or Phone On The Table

If you put your keys, wallet, or phone on the table, it comes off as a move to dominate the table. Unfortunately, it can also off-put your guests. Instead, it would help if you put your articles inside your bag. 


Don’t Put Your Elbows On The Table

This is one of the most basic dining etiquette rules. Putting your elbows on the table is unseemly while dining and marks you off as casual and unrefined. This rule is easy to follow. 


Don’t Talk When Your Mouth Is Full

This rule is another common one and also one of the more unacceptable ones. Speaking with your mouth full can make it hard for your companions to hear you. It can also be offputting. If you have to talk, make sure you have swallowed your food first.


Don’t Reach For Your Companion’s Food

Lastly, do not reach for the food of your companions. It is not only rude but also makes the atmosphere awkward. If you want food, you should ask your companions to pass it to you. It is also recommended you refrain from sharing food with people you do not know well or if you are at a formal business meal. 

Wrapping Up

Fine dining is an exquisite experience and a joy of adulthood. However, the experience is more pleasant and enjoyable if you and your companions are well-behaved, cordial, and pleasant to be with. Before booking a fine dining experience, remember to brush up on your fine dining etiquette! 

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