Essential Kitchen Tools You Need At Your Home

For those of us who’ve spent years refining our techniques with essential kitchen tools, it has become relatively easy to figure out what tools we need the most in the kitchen. We often focus on the quantity of our kitchen tools instead of their quality. However, what are the kitchen tools that we need the most? 

The kitchen tools we use the most include a knife and cutting board.  Let’s get into the most essential kitchen tools that you’ll need! 


Essential Kitchen Tools You’ll Need 


A high-quality knife can elevate your cooking and cutting. One high-quality purchase can also last you a long time. It’s not only a significant first step, but you’ll also want to learn how to use it properly and maintain it to continue serving you for a long time.

Cutting Board

Another tool that you will also need is the cutting board. Every time you cook, you will need one, so you must pick one that is durable and designed well. It also needs to be safe for the dishwasher.

Can Opener

Nothing makes life more accessible than a can opener, especially for opening things in cans. Some of them can be frustrating to open on your own. The can opener’s easy usage is also one of the reasons why we recommend using it. 

Measuring Cups

Measuring cups can help you gauge the volume of liquid and solid cooking. This tool is especially suitable for bakers, as baking is a more precise art. When measuring caps, great design can go a long way for accuracy and easy user experience. 


Need to drain your pasta? You can use a colander as an essential piece. Washing your vegetables without the colander will be more manageable with the pasta. 

Vegetable Peeler/Cutter

For those who suffer from executive dysfunction, look no further than a vegetable cutter to help you speed up your vegetable-cutting process. Peelers and cutters can help speed up the prep time. You may also invest in a vegetable peeler and cutter for those wanting more vegetables. 


A whisk can help you mix mixtures more effectively and faster. It is also one of the most used items in the kitchen. For a whisk, you need it to be dishwasher-safe.


Inefficiency no more with the use of a grater! Grate your cheeses and zest with one. It’ll also make your meal prep faster. 


Cutting meat can be a daunting task. Thankfully, shears can help you achieve the task. Your shears need to be sharp, heavy-duty – and easy to use. 


Handle meat easily with a pair of trusty tongs. Get one in smaller and larger sizes for all kinds of foods. That way, flipping food can be more accessible. We recommend that your tongs have silicone tips to prevent scratching surfaces. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Tools

What are kitchen tools?

Kitchen tools are things that you use in the kitchen to help you cook and prepare meals. 

How do you sanitize kitchen tools and equipment? 

To sanitize your kitchen tools and equipment, wash them with dishwashing liquid first. After rinsing them, put them in a wire basket or other container and immerse them in a sanitizing solution. You can make your sanitizing solution from 1 tablespoon of chlorine bleach in 1 gallon of warm water. The hot water helps cause the bleach to dissipate.

How do you clean and store cooking tools and equipment?

You can clean your kitchen tools and equipment with dishwashing liquid. After that, you can store them in a cool place without direct exposure to sunlight. 

What is the order of washing kitchen tools?

You have to wash your kitchen tools in this order: crystal, glassware, clear glass plates, other plates, flatware, and serving ware, and then go for the greasiest serving dishes. The last ones you have to clean are the pots and pans. 

Why is it important to clean and sanitize kitchen tools and equipment?

It is crucial to clean and sanitize kitchen tools and equipment because it can protect and prevent you from exposure to germs and bacteria that can cause death and sickness. It is also done for hygiene purposes.

How do you maintain kitchen tools and equipment?

You need to wash them regularly and sanitize them a lot. It would help if you also had to store them in a cool place. 

What are the most helpful kitchen tools and equipment?

The knife is the most useful kitchen tool and equipment because it can cut through many items. You can also use it to slice through a can if you do not have a can opener. 

What are the most essential kitchen tools, and why?

There are no most essential kitchen tools, as all of them are equally unique. 


Wrapping Up

Kitchen tools are some of the best things you can invest in, especially when moving onto a new home or starting a new life. They make food preparation more accessible and help elevate your quality of life. 

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