10 Benefits of Using Cutlery Dispensers in Food Service Businesses

Different types of utensils

Food service businesses are one of the most important businesses today. If you are part of it, you not only are responsible for feeding a large amount of people; this also means that you are responsible for food handling, safe cooking, and secure distribution to all customers. Hygiene is necessary in this business. 


The utensils that staff and customers use are prone to various elements and substances that can potentially be dangerous. Anything that the utensils touch may spread if left unattended. Therefore, food businesses must include cutlery dispensers in their food preparation process. It applies to any food business, whether you are managing a cafeteria, catering business, restaurant, buffet, and more. Keeping a cutlery dispenser promote practices that not only help food services, but it also assists in better distribution of utensils, making it more convenient.


Cutlery dispensers also have other benefits. Check out the ten benefits of using cutlery dispensers! 


10 Benefits of Cutlery Dispensers You Should Know

If you are new to the food service industry, utensils are one of the most used tools in the kitchen. Without them, there would be no way to prepare food safely without spoiling the meal. It is why utensils are helpful to the staff. 


A cutlery dispenser helps people get their utensils fast. These come in compact sizes that can fit in the kitchen or the main dining area. With various utensils, each dispenser can carry one type of utensil. These include spoons, forks, and knives. Furthermore, the materials can vary depending on the chosen cutlery.


Here are the ten benefits of cutlery dispensers for food service businesses:


  1. Saves costs – A cutlery dispenser saves costs when your food business relies on take-out meals. This reduces the costs of washing used metal utensils. As a result, meal distribution becomes faster for both the business and the customer.
  2. Kinder to the environment – The materials in present-day cutlery dispensers come in sustainable materials. You can get wooden cutleries, CPLA, or polypropylene. If you choose wood, you reduce your carbon footprint because the material is biodegradable. And if you prefer recycling, you can get CPLA or polypropylene instead. 
  3. Promotes organization – If you place a cutlery dispenser inside the restaurant, you will organize the utensils better. This lessens the need for preparation on each table. 
  4. Easy maintenance – One advantage of these products is that you do not need batteries. It only uses its built-in switches to provide the utensils. Once you run out of utensils, you can refill and order another bag again.
  5. Helps customers easily – Customers will feel at ease when they see a cutlery dispenser. They will have an idea to get their utensils even before the meal arrives. It lessens the need for help so the staff can continue preparing the food. 
  6. Protection from germs – In contrast to used metal utensils, you will get clean cutlery from the dispenser. In one pull, you will have a tidy utensil free from germs.
  7. Encourages clean dining habits – Habits can go a long way with a cutlery dispenser. If one is available inside, it teaches customers clean dining before and after meals. For example, after a meal, they can dispose of wooden utensils through the biodegradable bins. 
  8. Teaches hygienic practices – Hygiene is one of the most important practices in food service. For the cutlery dispenser, it encourages everyone to be mindful of what they touch to avoid contamination.
  9. Fewer surface contact – People touch anything they use with their hands. With a cutlery dispenser, it decreases the surface contact. This applies to any person getting new utensils from the dispenser.
  10. Improved efficiency – Through cutlery dispensers, utensil distribution becomes a breeze. Customers can get new cutleries without needing to ask for one from the dining table. As a result, everyone will enjoy their meals better. 


A More Convenient Dining Experience With Dispenser Solution

These benefits of having a cutlery dispenser will help food businesses in the long run. It promotes clean dining habits, efficient distribution, and is kinder to the environment. Customers and owners should be mindful of the impact that food services make. Once you have the dispenser in the process, it results in a better dining experience.


Dispenser Solution is the leading cutlery company that helps various food service businesses. The company complies with strict food safety standards so your meal is in good hands. With Dispenser Solution’s cutlery dispensers, you can enjoy a safer, more convenient and amazing dining experience. Contact us today!

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