5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Cutlery Dispenser

Cutlery dispenser in a diner

Food businesses need utensils to provide for their customers. With utensils, anyone can eat their meals without worry. However, managing various utensils at a time can become a challenge. You’ll need space, and compatible material to store them in. Fortunately, cutlery now comes in various materials that range from wood, CPLA, and polypropylene utensils. These materials are safe for use, and compatible with cutlery dispensers.


What is a cutlery dispenser exactly? A cutlery dispenser places one type of utensil in one device so that it is easy to access for customers. A cutlery dispenser is ideal for businesses such as cafeterias and buffets to use because it organizes utensils for everyone. Furthermore, dispensers come in compact sizes, making it easy to get utensils without going to the kitchen. Finally, they also lessen the time needed to wait to eat meals.


5 Reasons Why You Should Invest A Cutlery Dispenser

If you are considering getting a cutlery dispenser, it comes with many benefits. One of which is that you have a device to store utensils in bulk. Secondly, it helps with food businesses, food drives, and buffets. With a cutlery dispenser, you do need to wait for service staff to provide your utensils because it is readily available.


Here are five reasons why you should invest in a cutlery dispenser.


  • Easy to use – Cutlery dispensers are convenient for any customer on the go. You get one utensil and use them in your meals. Batteries are not needed for it to work. If the dispenser runs out of utensils, you only need to refill them with another bag of utensils. As a result, it becomes easy to maintain all year round.


  • Lessen waste – Dispensers today now provide utensils made out of recyclable materials or natural wood. It makes it easy to dispose of without harming the environment. Keep in mind that some materials should not mix together due to the materials and germs on the surface. For example, wooden utensils can be disposed of in biodegradable bins.  


  • Promote hygienic practices – Since the utensils come from the dispenser, there is no added handling. Each utensil you get is clean and free of dust. It lessens surface touch and promotes a clean environment. 


  • Compact sizes – Cutlery dispensers come in compact sizes for your convenience. This is to fit in with various spaces with any restaurant or cafeteria. It can fit in spaces within lunch rooms, buffet lines, and common eating areas.  


  • Efficient distribution – With a cutlery dispenser, you have one device providing enough utensils. You also have a place where people can get their utensils without asking for more. As a result, it cuts waiting time by half.  



Does it require maintenance?

Yes, cutlery dispensers need proper maintenance. While you do not need batteries for them to work, you should check their mechanisms to see if they can dispense. Each dispenser comprises lightweight and durable material, making it useful for a long time.


Is it reusable?

Yes, cutlery dispensers are reusable. You only need to reload the dispenser if it runs out of utensils. Keep in mind that there are different types of dispensers for different utensils. Check the label of your dispenser if it is compatible with the utensils you have. 


Are the materials compostable?

It depends on the cutlery dispenser you get. For example, wooden cutlery dispensers have utensils that have no coating or waxing, which is safe for compost-making. On the other hand, polypropylene and CPLA dispensers have reusable utensils after cleanup. Once you finish using the utensils, dispose of them in the proper bins. 


Get A Cutlery Dispenser at Dispenser Solution

Cutlery dispensers provide an efficient way to provide enough utensils for every customer. You get one in the dispenser, and you enjoy your meal. After use, you can clean up or recycle the utensil to lessen waste. If you have wooden utensils, you can compost the used utensils to make a sustainable impact. Furthermore, it does not need batteries, providing low maintenance throughout. As a result, it becomes convenient for the business, customers, and the environment. 


Dispenser Solution is the leading cutlery dispenser solution that complies with sustainable manufacturing standards. Our materials are FSC-certified, making them durable even after use. In addition, our materials come from recycled materials to lessen carbon impact. Get in touch with us today!

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