7 Best Restaurant Hygienic Practices

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Managing a hygienic restaurant is a daily challenge for managers and chefs. You check every nook and cranny of the place, including the equipment and utensils, to see if they are in top shape. Maintaining a clean environment for both the customers and staff is important. It should never be overlooked and be common practice for every restaurant at all times.  


What does restaurant hygiene include? It includes following various cleaning practices to prevent food contamination. Storing, handling, preparing food and drinks, and cleaning are ways to minimize the risk of contracting an illness. Noncompliance with food safety standards poses risks in the restaurant. Therefore, it is a must to clean up critical areas daily.


The hygienic practices a restaurant can follow include the following.


7 Best Restaurant Hygienic Practices

Any staff member will be the first person that customers will meet. If the customer has a bad impression of the restaurant, it can be due to the cleanliness of the place. It is the staff’s responsibility to practice good hygiene for the restaurant and the customer. 


Check out these seven practices that the restaurant can implement.

  • Keep hands clean – Your hands should be the priority in this line of work. Clean hands will contact many surfaces, including food, utensils, and clothing. It is a simple and effective message to your customers that you care about the cleanliness of the restaurant. You can place a hand sanitizer at the entrance to show that the place is safe for dining.


  • Wipe the tables clean – Before the customer can eat, the tables should be free from germs and stains. A clean table ensures that the customer will feel comfortable. Use a disinfectant spray with a cloth to kill the germs on the surface.


  • Protect the utensils – It is important that all utensils should be new and clean. If the demand for the utensils exceeds its supply, you can use a utensil dispenser to distribute the utensils faster. Furthermore, some utensils are reusable, so cleaning them after use is necessary. 


  • Set kitchen hygiene standards – Having hygiene standards ensures a safe environment for the restaurant. For example, staff can wear a uniform, kitchen gloves, and a mask to prevent food spoilage. These practices can improve the food quality and the restaurant’s service. 


  • Cook food at the right temperature – By this point, cooking food safely is a must to maintain a safe environment. Any food prepared and cooked should avoid being left on the counter at room temperature. It is a prime target for germs and bacteria if not consumed immediately. 


  • Wash fruits and vegetables – According to the HAACP, washing fruits and vegetables can extend their shelf life and keep germs free. While it adds more preparation time, it gives more safety for the customers in mind. Restaurants can rinse the fruits and vegetables with a sink or a dedicated washer. Food safety is a priority for all meals, including fresh produce. 


  • Ensure well-maintained equipment – Once the day is over, check all the restaurant equipment. Staff should check every piece of equipment, including its surroundings. Clean any spills, sweep the dirt away, and throw the trash accordingly. Maintaining the quality of the equipment is a must, even during busy or slow periods. In the end, a hygienic environment ensures efficient service for the restaurant. 

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Food safety and hygienic practices are top priorities that restaurants should follow. Staff must have clean hands to check the equipment, utensils, and food quality before serving customers. Furthermore, cleaning should be a common practice at every restaurant at any time. Having hygiene standards ensures that the customers will feel safe and comfortable dining. 


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