3 Types Of Cutlery Dispensers You Should Know

In any food business, cutlery must provide a way for customers to eat their meals. It should be available whenever customers wish to dine in or order takeout. If there is a high demand but a low supply of cutlery, a utensil dispenser can help maintain the cutlery distribution. Any restaurant, cafeteria, or cafe can invest in one dispenser, depending on the available food.  


The difference between cutlery dispensers lies in the utensil’s material. Some cutlery can come in wood, polypropylene, or CPLA; each material has strengths and weaknesses. If your business is a restaurant or a takeaway food business, some cutlery dispensers may not fit. Therefore, you should consider the costs and benefits of choosing a specific type of cutlery dispenser. 


3 Types Of Cutlery Dispensers

Cutlery dispensers come in various models for any food business. For example, a spoon and fork dispenser provides a way to eat soft meals such as soups, pasta, fruits, and vegetables. On the other hand, if you are eating a hard meal like steak, you can use a knife dispenser to get a knife and then cut the food with ease. 


Furthermore, cutlery dispensers follow food safety and environmental standards in any food business. Once you have used the utensils, it is possible to reuse them or let them decompose naturally. It all depends on the kind of dispenser that you get. 


The three types of cutlery dispensers include:

  • Polypropylene – Polypropylene is a BPA-free plastic with a high melting point. It is resistant to cracks and can withstand continuous wear and tear. With its strength, most food businesses use this utensil for their takeouts and food containers. After use, it is possible to reuse and recycle polypropylene utensils once washed and cleaned.


  • Wooden – Like the name itself, wooden cutlery dispensers have utensils made out of natural wood. It has a durable surface, ideal for any food you consume. In addition, wooden cutlery is made from an abundant and renewable resource. 


Since it has no wax, chemicals, or coating, it is safe for composting after use. This utensil is ideal for food businesses that want to reduce their environmental impact. 


  • CPLA – CPLA stands for Crystallized Polylactic Acid. It shares the same chemical materials as polylactic acid but with a higher melting point of up to 185°F or 85°C. This plastic makes it ideal for hot meals or drinks such as coffee. Most food businesses also use CPLA, which is strong and durable for any takeouts.


Once used, you can put CPLA plastic in a composting facility. However, it has the same appearance as any conventional plastic utensil. You should dispose of CPLA utensils in the appropriate bins so they can compose and break down.


Recycling Codes

Each product used follows a specific recycling code depending on the material available. These range from 1 to 7, with three arrows moving clockwise in a triangle formation. For example, polypropylene is set at 5, while CPLA is set at 7. You can recycle this plastic until it breaks down. Products like wood are categorized at 50 with a “FOR” subtitle, which is ideal for composting. 


How To Choose The Right Cutlery Dispenser

If this is your first time running a food business, the dispenser you choose will affect how your business will run. These dispensers provide you with a solution to any problem your business faces. 


For example, go for the wooden cutlery dispenser to reduce waste and environmental impact. If your food business relies more on takeout than dine-in meals, use polypropylene, or CPLA. Since efficiency and distribution of utensils are concerns for any restaurant, a cutlery dispenser can address these issues. 


Get The Best Cutlery Dispenser At Dispenser Solution

Each cutlery dispenser has its benefits after use for any user. Businesses can choose between polypropylene, wood, or CPLA to determine which material works best for the customer and the food. Remember that certain materials can be recycled or composted depending on the symbols noted in the packaging. Once you get the right material, it lessens the environmental impact while providing efficient distribution.


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